You make me feel a bit uneasy

Dear (name),

Every time I see you whether it`s in a party, at school, in the middle of the street or even queuing at the bank, I have this strange feeling in my heart. I feel happy to see you so closely again, so close that I am almost able to touch your skin, to look into your eyes and to feel you breath; but, at the same time, I feel the frustration of not really knowing how to act, what to do with my hands or what to tell you. I never know if I should I give you a kiss on the cheek, like good friends, or if I should just say `Hi, how are you doing?
All I know is that I get very uneasy whenever you are around and I cannot hide it. I wonder if, on those occasions, the other people realize how fast my heart is beating and how I am captured by your eyes and by that breeze that surrounds you and makes your hair float in the air like the falling stars that carry my dreams. My darling (name), I cannot bring myself to tell these things face to face, so I`ve decided to put all my thoughts and words on paper, it`s easier like that. If I dared to declare all the affection I feel for you, I`d most certainly start to stutter or you`d interrupt me at one point.
I want you to know that you never leave my thoughts and that I have nice but nice feeling for you.
I leave you with a kiss and an invitation for dinner. Please accept it !

With all my affection