He is not right for you

Dear (name),

I have decided to send you this letter because I have been very worried about you or, better yet, with the way a `certain` person has been treating you.
You are such a gentle and sensitive girl, your words and your actions are always so noble, and I can`t understand why you put up with abuse, disrespect, humiliation and inconsiderate behavior. I wonder if that `certain person` I am referring to – you know who I mean... - really is the `right person` to be by your side, getting your affection and attention. Or is there something wrong with this all story ?
Sometimes, clever as one may be, you can still be wrong about the way you evaluate your relationship. You may think that you are choosing the right path, you may think that some setbacks are only due to circumstances and that a not so nice behavior on your partner`s side is only caused by the occasional stress and it will go away with time. But then you become aware that time as gone by and nothing has changed: you are drowning in a bitter, unhappy day to day life, and you feel there`s no way out. You end up getting used to the irrational abuse and you start considering violence as something natural. You tend to forget that there is a nicer side to the world which should prevail in order for everyone to live happier.
I apologize for invading your privacy and for talking about things I probably don`t know anything about, but this is how I`m feeling at the moment. And if I express my feelings it`s because I care a lot about you and I`m concerned about your well being. And I would like you to accept these flowers as proof of my affection. I hope the color, perfume and gentleness of each of their petals may help you realize that having a happier and more poetic life is possible...

Love. Your friend