Seducing the shy, lonely friend

Dear (name),

I suddenly caught myself thinking about you... you are always so quite, so alone, like a little abandoned animal, lost in the streets and afraid to cross the road! I don`t know why, but I felt like asking: are you truly happy? You are always so reserved and those little eyes of yours seem to constantly bear a bit of sadness...
I hope you don`t feel invaded by my curiosity and observations. Valentine`s Day is drawing near and I`ve realized that this day means absolutely nothing to you, that`s all... That`s the time when everybody seems to be running around, looking into magazines and catalogues, trying to find the right gift for their loved ones. And you always seem to ignore these appeals.
Are you always this way or are you just feeling a bit down? I have been feeling a bit lonely myself, you know... nothing serious, really, but it`s always great to have someone close by you can talk to and exchange thoughts and opinions or to just be together...
Look, if you really don`t have anyone to give a gift on the 14th, I would like you to know that I will accept anything coming from you; it doesn`t have to be fussy, a simple rose bud or a reply to my little note will do!

Happy Valentine`s Day.

Your friend