For the one without boyfriend/girlfriend

Dear (name),

Valentine`s Day is near and I know that, just like me, you don`t have anyone to celebrate that day with. But it`s OK; after all, being alone is not that bad, sometimes...
The problem is that we all feel more sensitive and vulnerable on certain occasions; for instance, on Mother`s or Father`s day, orphans tend to miss their parents even more; on Children`s Day, couples who have split up always fight over who gets to spend it with their children or even more so when they want to celebrate their birthday; and on Christmas day we miss those that we love and who are gone or who are far away and we wish they were still around !
But now it`s only Valentine`s Day that it`s drawing closer and although I still think it`s a day made up with commercial purposes, I don`t like the idea of going out by myself. People stare at you as if you were an alien ! And that`s the reason I`m sending you this letter: I would like to spend the 14th of February with you... we could go out just as good friends, and have lunch, go for a walk or maybe even the movies. At least we wouldn`t be stared at as if we were coming from another planet!
Anyway, it`s just a thought. Deep down, I just wish that by then, you will have already found someone interesting. I, for one, will do my best not to spend Valentine`s Day alone... I hope my proposal has not offended you and that you have understood that this was a true and honest invitation !

Love from