If I were your boyfriend

If I were your boyfriend I would be very happy and proud to have someone as special as you by my side; and I think you would also be happy to have someone as devoted as me to `pamper` you and give you presents on the 14th of February...
But I am not your boyfriend... so much for taking you for a walk or lunch and maybe even dinner; the chances of inviting you on a date, like having an ice cream, followed by movies and popcorn are pretty remote; and the opportunity to offer you this wonderful perfume that someone has just tested on me is very slim. You know that I would never say or do something that might be misunderstood. Being someone`s girlfriend or boyfriend is very different from being just friends (although they may not always remain like that, right?)
But, as I was saying, if I were your boyfriend and you were my girlfriend, I would invite you to spend the weekend with me; we could go sailing on a boat of a friend of mine. Or maybe we could get one of those airline promotions and go to Rio de Janeiro, I heard it`s beautiful!
Yes... it`s a shame you are not my girlfriend... But there is still some time till the 14th of February, right? Just give it a thought. I leave with a kiss from your `just` friend.