I won`t be myself, that`s for sure!

Dear (name),

I know you are my friend and that is why I feel at ease to open up my heart and tell you things that I wouldn`t tell anyone else. I have made a very serious decision and I need to share it with someone I trust...
You know what it is? Valentine`s Day is coming soon and I begin to feel very anxious and nervous, almost irritated... I can`t begin to tell you how I feel during this occasion!
Everyone seems so happy carrying their little gifts, bags or packages, and saying to their friends : "I bet she is going to love this underwear" or "I hope he will like this CD"; and just like in the previous years, I don`t have anyone I can give presents and who could give me presents too...
But I have made a decision: this year will be different because I have decided to give and receive gifts for Valentine`s. By the way, I know you are by yourself too. So, what do you to get on the 14th of February? Don`t worry, I`ll think of something as long as you don`t forget to get me something too.
I leave with a kiss from a very determined woman.

Your friend