Miss You

Quiet and sad

My love,

You are so far away that there’s nothing I can do besides waiting here, quietly, sad, my heart aching to see you again!
You have no idea how much I would love to have you near, how much I would love to rest on your shoulder, listening to music and holding hands. It may sound silly, but it’s these simple things that make me miss you even more...
I need to know that you are within reach… and I would love to feel that I can touch you at any time, that I can call out your name and not wait hours for you to answer. I know this is a temporary situation, I know that one day I will be able to appease this feeling. I know that I will be able to feel the touch of your skin and your lips again, the strength and warmth of your embrace, but even so, I feel very sad and lonely while you’re away. If you could measure the intensity of this pain, the intensity of my unsettledness, I’m sure you’d do your best to get here earlier, to be close to me as soon as possible. I love you more each day and I feel sad when you’re away!
For now, all I can do is to sit back on the sofa, watching old romantic movies, not really paying attention to them because I know my love for you is bigger than all the movies that were ever played in the movie theaters!
But I also know that being apart hurts too much!

A tearful kiss from yours