Miss You

When will I see you again?

Hi, my love, I miss you so much!

I think you’ve realized by now that I can’t stay away from you for too long, haven’t you? I wanted you to know that I am dieing to see you; this longing to be with you, to touch your body arises in me at any moment during the day and more so at night...
I’ve even been dreaming about you, imagining you are lying right next to me. I keep remembering the nights that I just had to move my body a little bit to find the warmth of your body, to feel your hair rubbing my soft and lusting skin. I miss feeling your lips on my lips, your tongue on my tongue, your teeth gently nibbling my neck and your hands around my shoulders...
When will I see you again, my darling and beloved master?
When will you conquer my body again? My soul and yours sail side by side, and my thoughts are with you every second of the day.
Hurry up, my love… Hurry up because I’m ready to welcome you with all the power of my passion and desire… Hurry up because I can’t wait to give you all those cuddles you love so much.

A passionate kiss from yours