A secret dream for her

Dear (name),

Of course you don’t know, because I’ve never confessed this to anybody: I have a secret dream, a dream I feed with all my hope and all my faith...
I dream in how great it would be to begin my day with your wonderful smile, with your with your gracious and deep look, with the certainty that with time passing, each minute, you would show up more, and more beautiful.
I’ve always been enchanted with your feminine manners, with your good taste and your incredible elegance.
You are very seducing and involving. It’s not a coincidence that there are tons of guys wanting you, and that’s why I’d be very glad if I were the chosen one.
Now you already know I am in love with you, and also know, that I will do everything possible so that you are sensitized with this declaration, and give me a chance to show all the love I have for you.

Have my passionate kiss,