To start off I want a kiss


I was really in doubt if I should write this note or not, to tell you the truth I didn’t even know how to start it. Suddenly I got this brilliant idea that I should make it radical, and start off this note by asking you for a kiss, something I’ve wanted for a long time.
A mouth capable of producing the shiniest smiles in the world, is probably capable of kissing really well, don’t you think?
Maybe you haven’t realized how much I look at you, how much interest you awake in me, and especially how special this interest is. And I suffer a lot for you not realizing this, or pretending not to realize it...
Sometimes I think, all by myself, in the darkness of my room, and I can’t undo this mystery, or you’re really distracted or you’re afraid of admitting there’s someone who likes you a lot. Other times, I start to think you probably already realized my interest in you, but you don’t want to get any closer to me in the way that I want and dream of.
You know I would like for you to begin looking at me with other eyes, in another way, with other hands, and if I’m not asking too much, with that kiss I asked for in the beginning of this note!

With an immense care,