To a mysterious seducer

Dear (name),

Maybe you’ll be shocked with this letter, but I need to confess something that even a while ago, I thought I would never confess: you are seducing me from far away...
And do you know what’s most enchanting about you? I’ll respond: it’s that mysterious way of yours, that weird way you try to hide all the passion you carry in your chest, all the heat and sensuality you carry in your body, all that primitive energy and desire in everything you do!
You know how to seduce. This intriguing magnetism made me take the initiative of getting closer to you. I hope this letter of mine is capable of making you very curious, to make you get closer to me, with the elegance that is part of your characteristics. You probably agree when I tell you that this type of initiative is not common for women, right? Now, for us to be happy and have some fun, it depends only on you!