To an elegant and charming woman

Dear (name)

If I wanted to seduce you, I could list a whole bunch of reasons that make me like you... I could say, for example, that I would adore accompanied by such an elegant, feminine and perfumed woman as you!
If I was up to seducing you, I’d say that beyond those beautiful and fine clothing you wear over your seductive curves, there is another “accessory” you always wear that makes you even more lovely: your true smile, open and constant, proper to cheer up those elegant places you enjoy frequenting.
All this charm of yours ended up really affecting my soul and my heart, and now, I don’t have any more doubts that I am really up to seducing you, because I got to the conclusion that it would be absolutely stupid of me not falling in love with such a marvelous woman like you.
May I take you to dinner?

With care,