To a guy with a wild look

Dear (name)

When you are near I can’t take my eyes off your beautiful face, strong, and thanks to your expressive look, something crazy...
I think there’s something wild, something primitive and mysterious about your look. When I see you standing thinking, exhibiting that intriguing look, I try to imagine what’s on your mind, I try to imagine in what dreams are you navigating.
At times like these I begin dreaming as well. I dive into the profundity of your look, “I catch a ride” in the comet sparkle that they show, and literally I travel through a fanatic world where my biggest desire could become reality, real quick, in the blink of an eye.
Ad as I’ve said before, I am fascinated by your eyes upon me, and I’m going to tell you what my secret wish is: I need to look at you from much closer, I need to feel your breath while looking I your eyes. Would you allow me?

I’m anxiously waiting for your answer!

Kiss, (signature)