Old platonic passion

Dear (name),

Time goes by but it hasn’t made me change the way I look at you; on the contrary, the desire to love you and to want you all to myself grows bigger and bigger every time I look at you.
To know that you exist is a fountain of joy and suffering. Your presence lightens up my world, but knowing how far you are from my arms and my affection deeply saddens my heart. I would like to find a formula to have you closer to me, to show you my affection in the most platonic way and to feel your presence as something more real.
If love is such a glorious feeling, the pain of being away from the loved one is the most horrible one.
I want you to know this: I have nurtured this huge affection for you for a very long time now and my greatest happiness would be to share this feeling, this joy and the best of my life with you. I don’t know if you have ever noticed my interest or this old passion, but now that I am declaring my love to you, I hope you will actually see me and not just look indifferently at me.
Maybe this letter won’t change at all the way you react to me, but I feel somewhat relieved for having clearly expressed these feelings I have nurtured for you for such a long time.