Being your daughter is like winning at Bingo!

My adored mother and friend,

I know I didn’t have to say how special you are or how much we’ve been through together, because we will continue to be like that forever.
I know I didn’t have to send this letter to show such a lived and living love, I know I didn’t have to utilize this manner to show you how grateful I am for everything you’ve put yourself through for me, without saying that your first act of courage for me was bringing me to this world, the first thing I thank God for every day. But I decided to send you this letter because after all, it is Mother’s Day and I didn’t want it to be remembered with just a gift.
There are other values that make our relationship as great as it is, complicity and friendship. That bring alive our love, that is!
There is infinite trust between us, and the certainty that for as far away as we may be, we will always be in each others heart, with our minds set on wishing the best there is in this universe for each other.
Mom, being your daughter, is an infinite gift. How many daughters can say they have such a active, happy, intelligent and young mother as you?? Mom being your daughter is like winning at bingo everyday... but speaking of bingo, mom you have to quit this twitch of yelling “line!” every time everyone passes you a telephone number! It’s really weird mom!
Now, talking seriously, being your daughter is the big luck! Have a beautiful mother’s day!

A kiss from,