Mother's Day USA - 9 May

To the mother-in-law on mother`s day

Dear Mother-in-law,

We’ve always treated each other with care and respect, and I find that very good, because there is no place for competition and jealousy between us, because we love the same person, but in a totally different way, and any fights between us would only make him unhappy and insatisfied...
So today, on mother’s day, I want to thank you, again, for bringing to the world such a correct person, honest and loving like your son, that became my husband and is the man I adore and will always adore.
If he’s that way, so adorable it’s because he’s received your dedication and orientation since he was crawling. If he’s so generous, it’s because he inherited from you the most humane character. My dear mother-in-law, on this mother’s day, receive my thank you, and a hug, and know that the world would be a much better place if there were more people as generous, just, and sincere like you.
I hope you have a beautiful and happy mother’s day, because I know it’s easy to put people in the world, but I also know it’s not easy to make them happy and healthy, body and soul, how you did with your son and husband.

With care from,