I am a very happy son/daughter!

Dear mommy,

Even though you may not realize it, I’m always worried about you, and many times through out the day, it comes to me, the memory of you and the desire to know if you are well in everything.
It’s true! Who says it’s only mothers who are worried about their others? I want you to know I worry a lot about you and one of the reasons that bring me happiness, is to know you’re happy and fine, having fun on all the pleasures of life in the best way possible.
You are a marvelous woman, a very special mother. I’m very lucky to have come from you, I’m very lucky for having received the best always, always receiving this special attention of yours, always the best advice and orientation.
On this Mother’s Day, I want you to realize how grateful I truly am, all my recognition and credit for your effort and dedication throughout the years, but, especially, I want you to know how deep and profound my love for you is!
I doubt any woman, could, one day, wish something bad for their child. But I doubt, any woman, in any end of this planet, is so capable of making his or her child so happy, like you make me. I have the conviction that if I have qualities I inherited them from you!

Happy mother’s day and a big kiss,