A little slap doesn’t hurt Mom?

My dear mother,

Today is your day and all I can say is “Happy Mother’s Day”. You really are marvelous and you always thought of me being well, in my comfort, and the best for me.
You are sweet and caring, and that’s why I’m sometimes surprised by your conviction that, “a little slap doesn’t hurt...”
It doesn’t hurt because it’s not on you! Sorry, mommy. But even though this is a celebrative date, I couldn’t let the opportunity go by without a protest: it hurts, yes, mommy! It hurts a lot!
Anyway, it’s always good reminding you. Because if slaps hurt, what hurts even more is your absence. I know it would be really hard for me to live without you. I know how important you are to me.
Mommy don’t ever forget me. Have a great mother’s day, but do remember, slaps hurt for real!
If you have any more doubts, please ask me again!

Kisses and congratulations,