Daughter apologizing

Hi, mom...

I know we’ve had a few problems in our relationship lately; but who knows, since today is mother’s day and all, maybe we could have a better and more flowing conversation.
I know sometimes I exaggerate in my attitudes and in my point of view of the conversation. I know sometimes I go to far with your interferences, but I also know that you love me, and that everything would be a lot better if we could truly sit down and talk. If we could just open up our hearts with no prejudice.
Today is your day. The day dedicated to mother’s happiness all over the world. but know that today could also be the day in which we apologize to each other once and for all.
One day, I’ll be a mother too. Maybe I’ll encounter problems a lot like these that we’re going through, and I want this moment to come without the guilt or the pain for not having solved my own problem.
ON this mother’s day, that is yours, let us open up our souls.