Mom, I love you!

My dear mother,

I swear I thought of writing you a letter, but then I gave up. Not because you don`t deserve it, but because what I have to tell you could be said less formally, where you wont have to be wasting your time reading this and can relax, and enjoy this Sunday.
Today you have to enjoy and relax: forget work, forget pans, forget the fighting, forget the world. We can have lunch somewhere, dinner somewhere, do anything you want, and if you don`t want to do anything at all, if you want to sit in front of the television and relax, great, because today is your day.
Anyway, feel free to do whatever you want, and to ask us for anything, because today we want you to feel like you’re in paradise, without regretting for anything, or feeling bad because of some argument, or even feeling bad because you haven`t done what you wanted. This way, "if you need me, just whistle!" (like Humphrey Bogart said, isn`t he from your old times?)
So, I didn`t want to take up to much of your time in your relax-Sunday, I gave up writing the letter and wrote you this quick note, to simply say, I love you and you`re the coolest mom on the planet! Happy Mother’s Day!!

Kisses from,