Mommy, you`re beautiful!

My dear mother,

Dear and beautiful, because I believe there isn`t a woman on this earth as beautiful as you. To me, you`re the only one who really worries, night and day, in knowing if I`m doing okay, with my body (if I`m eating right, and if I`m not sick) and with my mind, my soul (if I have a problem, or a preoccupation perhaps).
You are the only person in this world who I can really trust when I’m sad, my expectations, my biggest secrets, my happiest moments, because about you, to me, only good feelings arise. From you I don’t get asked to do things just to do them, there isn’t envy, no small feelings, only care, love, and understanding. That’s exactly why you are , and will always be the most beautiful woman in the world to me. Even when you are old, really old.
My dear and beautiful mother, my adorable mommy, this short letter has one only objective: to leave registered all the love I have for you. I could’ve called to tell you I love you, but the wind takes the words, so I rather write you this letter, so you can read as many times as you want, every time you remember me. And there’s more, know that everything on this paper, is in my heart, wherever I go, or wherever I am.

Have a kiss from your son (daughter)