Mother's Day USA - 9 May

I don`t remember you only on mother`s day

My dear mother,

Don’t think I only remember you on mother’s day because, to tell you the truth, the love I feel for you goes way beyond any day, or any convention.
You are very special to me. Not only because you gave birth to me, but because you taught me, patiently, to position myself in the world with dignity, knowing how to value my virtues without being arrogant.
You are also special to me, because it was very natural for you to teach me all of these values, because you are like that and I am exactly a copy of you, the rule is correct with no exceptions, copies never have enough value as the originals, am I right?
Anyway, I want to say that, so I wont disappoint you, I have tried really hard to because a loyal mirror of this strong character of yours, courageous and at the same time nice and sweet. I’ve said in the beginning of this letter, that I don’t remember you only on mothers day. I remember you every day with a lot of care. But, on the other hand, I can be totally neutral on such a celebrated day, by industries and commercial. This way, I surrender myself to the publicity and will write you this: -Happy Mother’s Day!- but in my heart, every day is your day, and I hope they are filled with happiness!

A kiss from,