Zodiac Signs

For the Taurus boyfriend

My dear,

Sometimes I ask myself if I have not won the lottery the day I met you. After all, how is it possible that such a caring, loyal and devoted little Taurus like you could be on the loose?
I love your calmness and carefulness, sometimes so different from your romantic ways. I was told that those “old fashioned lovers” were extinct, but that can’t be true, because you’re so eloquent in your sentimental gestures, that it nearly resembles those old movies.
You’re strong-minded, but you have this nice habit of sending flowers all the time, of taking me out for dinner in quiet and pleasant restaurants and of always making me feel very protected. When I look at you, I can always see tenderness and peace in your eyes. When you look at me I always feel as if you’re gazing at a rare and beautiful painting, and that’s a great feeling.
It’s also true that when something doesn’t go your way and upsets you, it’s best to stay away. You get into such an unbearable mood that’s it’s best to stop whatever we’re doing and go straight back home… But that doesn’t happen often, does it? Other than that, you’re so patient and have such a settled temperament and such peaceful manners most of the times that you always make me feel very safe.
Above all, I love being your woman and I always feel very feminine, just for you, because someone with that mood for love and sensual temperament of yours are hard to come by nowadays.

A tender kiss from