Zodiac Signs

For the Aries friend

My friend,

I have to start this little note by saying that it’s wonderful to be friends with someone like you, because you’re the kind of person who looks you in the eye when you talk and greets you with conviction, with a firm and strong handshake. But what one feels in those displays of vigor is a mix of friendship, sincerity and honesty.
That said, how can you not like someone who’s so full of virtues? And, besides, you still have a moral strength that allows you to embrace the most difficult of causes, as long as you feel they’re compatible with your most noble and high ideals.
Actually, allow me to give you a piece of advice: because of your daring and entrepreneur spirit, with no room for laziness, I think you sometimes overwhelm yourself in the search for your goals. You may, eventually fall ill, have a nervous break down or even have a kidney failure… Aries people are susceptible to that kind of things, you know? Well I hope you follow my advice and be a bit more careful because I know you’re not strong enough to bare physical pain, are you?
My friend, I want to say again how nice it is to count on the friendship of someone so optimistic, sincere and full of faith like you. As for your impatience crises, don’t you worry; your true friends are capable of putting up with them, since they’re totally compensated by your immense generosity.

A hug from