Happy since the first tear

Adored Momy,

Today I woke up thinking about you, of all the good things you`ve proportioned me, and continue to proportion me with. You are the sweetest and most caring creature that I`ve ever met, and there`s more, and the most sincere person that has passed through my life, because you`ve been with me from the first instant, since my first scream, my first cry, and my first tear.
But today, I don`t want to cry. I just want you to know I happy I feel to know I came from you. You can be sure since that first tear, that came down from the fear of having to face this weird and cruel world - that I feel happy in having you by my side.
I feel that the only true comfort I can only have when I`m with you. I`m only consolled when I`m by your side and that`s exactly why, I will love you and honor you for all my life.

I wish for you to be always happy, and take my kiss with love,