There`s just one momy

Dear Momy,

Agreeing with the popular frase saying... "there`s just one mother..."
I disagree. There`s tons of moms. But a mom like mine, you won`t find in any place in the whole wide world. If all the moms in the world were put together they still wouldn`t have all the qualities you keep in your heart.
Because of this, I am obligated to correct myself: "There`s only one mom, my mom!" Yeah momy, I may prefer this or that toy, this or that girlfriend, this or that outfit, but never would I be able to substitute someone as special as you in my life or in my heart. You are unique and the only one. You are eternal. Every day I wake up and thank God because there`s someone thinking about me with so much love.
Everyday, early in the morning, I remeber you and I feel happy and secure.
On this special day, take all my love, and a kiss and you can be sure "there`s only one mom!"

From your,