Father's Day - June 18

Dad, I want to thank you for everything

My adored Dad,

I hope today, especially, you have a wonderful day, because today, is Father´s Day! That today, your mind is clear of preoccupations and worries, and as always your haert open to receive my care, my recognition for everything you do for us, and my love and respect.
I profoundly wish that your day runs happily, the way you deserve all days to be like. Nothing more than fair for someone as dedicated and never tired to proportion happiness to others, especially to me, to my brothers and sisters and to my mother (that is a lucky women to have married you!).
Today you can ask me for what you want: I´m capable of preparing your drink, order some good old pizza or some speghetti with meat sauce. I can even wash your car, or shine your shoes (just don´t ask me to study a little, because today is party day, and the sun calls for us to cheer up!)
This Sunday, I want to make you feel like the most loved, wanted, and happy in the whole world, and I´ll even cheer for your football team this afternnon (hoping they´ll make lots points and not have any against them).

A big kiss from,