Father's Day

My Dad´s the best!

It´s not because it´s "your" day, that you´re going to be there, bored, without doing anything.To start with, you can do your beard because when I kiss you I won´t want to irritate my delicate skin. Daughters are annoying, right??
But look, I want to tell you that I don´t know any other father so cool, generous and good-looking as you.
I think my friends die of envying me for the father I have. You are alaways elegant, showing off all your charm reminding us of the biggest hotties in cinema history, that we forget how you´re so responsible!
More than that, you´re generous. I can never say that one day (or in any minute of my life) I missed something.You always know about my basic necessities, my desires, even when what I desire may not be to real. You know, I think I´m a spoiled girl. But don´t worry about that: I may be spoiled, but I´m fair because I recognize your effort in giving me always the best, but I wasnt spoiled enough to be arrogant, thanks to your being so responsible.
On this Father´s Day I want to tell the world that you´re the most wonderful dad in the universe. You´re the best!!

A kiss from your daughter