Father's Day

You taught me how to fight!

Dear Dad,

The Father´s Day is here once again,and each Father´s day you seem younger and more good- looking, because you continue showing vitality and enthusiasem, just like when I was a child.
And at each Father´s Day I am the one getting the gifts, because the pride of being daughter of such a dinamic, positive and vigorous person as you, renews itself in me.
You know, dad, your biggest example, to me and to all around you is that anxiety to go further each time,it´s that disposition to encounter the world with an open chest, not being afraid to use the adolescente in you, or the experient and wise,hunters. Dad, you taught me to not give up easily. You taught be how to follow my objectives with perservearence,but the most important is that you taught me how to do this without hurting others or putting them behind, simply because you are like that, you´ve always been like that, with determination and loyalty and that is why you are so cared for and loved.
Happy Father´s Day!

A kiss from