Father's Day

Dad it´s real funny...


In first place, happy Father´s Day! In second place, I´d like for you to excuse me when I say, you are really very funny!Sorry Dady, but it´s true! I´m not calling you a clown because it wouldn´t be respectful, and also wouldn´t be true, but I´m trying to say, I´ve never known anyone so naturally happy, young and lovable as you...
I look at my friends and can´t resist the temptation of comparing them to you, because although they´re younger (atention, I´m not saying you´re old, ok?), they don´t have 10% of your inner adolescent, don´t have any percentage of your happiness, and aren´te capable of looking at the world like you, content and hopeful.
If I compare you to my friends parents, OH! that would be cowardly of me! They seem like some mumies net to you! And at the same time you´re very responsible and trustworthy. I feel truely priviladged to say that this someone so special is exactly MY DAD!

Once again, Happy Father´s Day and a kiss from,