Father's Day - June 18

Thanks a lot Big Dady!!

Hey Dad!

I hope this Sunday, Father´s Day the sun is out real early and fills with light ´´your´´ day, because you are the sweetest dad in the world and you deserve for everything around you to be beautiful and brilliant!
Concentrate on your wishes, make all the wishes you want and be sure they will come true, because fairies, genies, and gods know how to pay back people as marvelous and smart as you.
That your Father´s Day is at a place filled with smiles and happiness, that the acknowledgments made to you on this day stay in your memory for a long time, because we love you every day of the year, although we don´t celebrate our love like we do on Father´s Day.
That you receive and may feel the love we have for you. Not just the love, but the respect, pride and admiration as well! Happy Father´s Day and Thank you for being so wonderful!

Huge Kisses,