You are everywhere

Dear (name)

I don’t know why but ever since we broke up, all I see and think about is your sweet, beautiful face.
I’m serious… even if I wanted, even if I tried hard to forget you that would be impossible. All the cars driving by on the avenue seem like yours. Everything reminds me of you, even the bank statements!
I start checking the credit card slips and I see the relation between the places we’ve been to together, and the smells, the sounds and the lights of those places come to mind. Your image invades my thoughts and I despair for not being able to feel the touch of your skin on my skin. In those moments, almost all my senses are taken by you. The warmth of your body and the soft, wonderful taste of your mouth are the only things missing.
I can’t work or study anymore, you know. If I try to solve an equation, I can’t reach a solution because the only incognita that matters to me and disturbs me is to know how long it will take me to meet you again...
I love you, still and a lot!

I miss you. Love