Letter of reconciliation

Dear (name),

If we’re not together, it’s because there have obviously been some problems between us… but it’s even more obvious that we can’t throw away all the beauty and love we had between and around us all this time we stayed together.
The love we had was bigger than anything else and maybe we weren’t wise enough to understand it and keep it with all the care required by fine things; maybe we weren’t wise enough to approach it with all the cautiousness you use when touching - and feeling – the lightness and the sound of pure crystals...
Ever since we’ve been apart, I have learned a few things: I’ve learned to endure pain, to swallow my pride, to be wiser and to understand that, sometimes, we need to step back a bit. I have learned that in order to have a lot you have to compromise a little, and that that “lot” is you and your ability to love.
All I want to say, my love, is that I am willing to compromise on certain details regarding my behavior so that everything goes back to being as beautiful as it was before. I’m only proposing this to you because I know you will understand, or we wouldn’t have stayed together for so long if I hadn’t realized the capability of allowing and compromising you have in you too.
After all this time we’ve been apart, I was able to think more clearly and I can tell you that I am willing to start afresh with you. My soul is now clean, pure and rancor less. I have no intention of demanding anything from you. I just wish you came back to me as pure and without any reserves as I am now.
Call me or write to me, because I think it’s extremely important that we don’t throw away such a great and beautiful love.

Love. Yours