Come back to me...

My dear (name),

I hope you can forgive me and I hope you’ll read this letter till the end. I just want to apologize, to say that I’ve made a big mistake when I decided to get away from you, and all I know is this mistake has made me cry and suffer too much.
I know my attitude wasn’t the most correct one, but believe me when I say that I was wrong, confused and unsure of what I wanted. As soon as we broke up I realized that, in all truth, only you and you alone could make me happy...
Please don’t mistake my apologies for yet another selfish attitude, as if I could think of no one but myself right. If you are noble enough to forgive me, you will see that I too can make you very happy!
I know you must be crossed and I can understand you reasons all too well. I know the extent of my mistake and I have even tried to put myself in your shoes, I understand the sad and uneasy situation I’ve put you in, by being childish and insecure.
But I have trust in your generous heart, I trust you pure soul and I sincerely hope that you give me another chance, one last chance for me to make you feel happy and very much loved.
Please call me or write to me quickly! Accept my kiss filled with love and carrying my most sincere apologies...
Accept this request for reconciliation. Come back to me, my love!