The biggest gift (to the young mother)

Dear (name),

Congratulations! I can imagine how happy you must be bringing to our world another pure and beautiful human being. Living the first nine months of it´s life, right next to your heart it must be full of greatness in it´s own. At the moment you may still be in disbeleif with your "work-of-art" with those gracious details that bring so much mistery in such tiny proportions: tiny hands and tiny feet, and it´s little lungs and heart working perfectly!
Maybe you haven´t realized it yet, because it´s so natural, but you have just made a miracle happen.
You´ve made your love, into a person. A person that from now on can distribute love where it goes. And maybe you´re still a little scared and worried about the responsibility of raising this child with comfort care and education, so it can one day grow up and be truly happy, finding it´s place in the sun. But I´m sure you´re capable of that and a little more, and I´ll tell you one thing: You´re baby knows that. He´s already proud to have such a secure and capable as you, and he´s thankful for it!
Sweetheart, once again accept my congratulations. And remember my thank you´s for bringing to the world another human being with the most precious qualities inherrited: those of love, trust, security and the hope for a better world!

A Big Kiss From,