Father's Day

My favorite toy

Dear Dad,

I´ve always had all that I wanted,I´ve always received all the presents and gifts I dreamed of having, but I want you to know that I had the most fun, when I played with you!
I remember well when I was little. I remember you, coming home tired but always willing to carry me on your shoulders, or play ´piggy-back-ride´, or putting me on your legs and I felt like I was piloting through imaginary mountains.
Dady, I´ve never had a greater pleasure, or any more fun then at the times we would play together. There was never a game, an eletric toy or anything man-made capable of entertaining me more than your company.
For all this, I wish you have a great day! Today you can ask of me anything you want, even if you want to play piggy-back-ride, or for me to sing when you go to sleep.
(Do you think I´m that strong??)

Lots Of Kisses from your daughter,