Father's Day

It´s great to be your son

My dear father,

In first place, I´d like to say that it´s really great to be your son and know that i could have inheritted some of your best qualities. It´s good to know that it depends only on me to be a useful person to my family, my friends and the society. Now that I know that your `structure is you form` I´m thankful to you, for always giving me the best in education, inside our home and out of it, always pushing yourself to raise me the best way possible.
I´d also like to say, that the world would be a much better place, if all fathers were like mine: responsible, always on justice side, but with a great sense of humor.
I really admire your way of dealing with lifes everlasting problemas, never allowing day-by-day problemas interfere when you´re at home, with your family. I like the way you never forget that life outside, is just a detail, it´s just a way to survive, that real life is hear, at home wiht your family....never forgetting and living up to that.
This father´s day I would like to congradulate you, and say once again: it´s great to be your son.

Thanks for everything and a Kiss to you from your son,