Father's Day - June 18

To the far-away dad

Dear Dad,

I miss you!! I know we weren´t accustomed to sit down and talk, yuo know that old story, father-daughter conversations, but since we were so fisically close, I felt totally secure that I could talk to you whenever I needed you...
Anyway, now that we are apart, I want to be with you all the time, talk to you, look at you, or simply say, "good-morning" or "good-night dady".
You know, there are things that are so simple, that we don´t give them the value they deserve..I´m not saying this because of you, because I´ve always been proud to be your daughter. What I mean is, I didnt give enough importance to living with you, I forgot that my privilege was even larger because you were there for me, while there are many people who don´t have a father to love and live with, or even worse, there are many people who´s fathers live with them but are totally distant.
Today you are far away, and what I wanted the most, is to be close to you, to give you a tight bear-hug and a huge kiss so we could cheer together, another father´s day.

With love,