Father's Day - June 18

My dad deserves a prize


You really do deserve a prize, because I´m sure it wasn´t easy putting up with my childhood whining or my moody adolesence.
I know at times you almost lost your pacience but with justice, and your profound wisness you alwys found a way to convince me of what was right, and the best road to follow, using simply, your good sense and apropriate arguments.
It´s not because we argued a couple of times, that I gave you less importance. You know, it´s so comon for people to have diferent points of view, and to show their opinion calmly and democratically. Contrary opinions, that would be foolish of me not to consider, because they come from people who love me the most and protect me in this big world: you!
Dad, you deserve a prize, a comand, an honorary tital or something! But, while no one knows publicaly your condition of "best dad in the whole wide world" accept a sweet kiss and my congratulations,
Have a great Father´s Day!!

With love,