Father's Day - June 18

To the most loved dad in the world

Dear Dad,

On this remembered holiday,I want you to feel like the world´s most loved dad, because it´s the minimum you deserve in your enormous, generous heart.
You are a very special man, and in my condition as a daughter, I´d like to retribute, all the care and atention you dedicate to me. I would like you to know that i´m not insensible, to all the health, care, confort, education and happiness you proportion us with.
I have in you an idol, a real live idol, an idol that lives with me, that I can touch and love like no other.
For all you represent to me, and for all the great things that your existence brings to this world, I can just wish that you are well in peace and happy in all the moments of your life. Happy Father´s Day!!

Kisses from your daughter,