Your good advice momy

Dear Mom,

It`s an honor to be your son (daughter). You are a woman that deserves all the respect and all the glory that a human-being can deserve, because you are always ready to interfere and resolve all of the dificult situations. More than that, you have the greatness and the knowledge to always advise, without being arrogant because all the words you say, get to me with touches of love and care so strong, that it is impossible to give up on your arguments. In everything you say, momy, I feel you huge worry in trying to show be the best, trying to show me the most comfortable way, and not so full of hardships so I can reach my objectives.
For all this mom, I repeat_______Its an honor to be your son. And what I wish to you, not only today, but for all of your life, is that you are always filled with happiness and smiles.