Mom, nothing better than your lap

My Mom,

Don`t come and say that I dont care about you, and that I only send news when I need something, because at this exact moment I dont need anything, or almost anything, I just need to tell you I love you a lot, and Im real grateful for all you have done for me, ever since I was a little boy (girl). And always willing, with pleasure to take care of me!!!
Excluding, a slap, here and were always real cool...Speaking of which it was so much cooler when you told dad to hit us. Ill explain because he had a peculiar tecnique..he would hit us, and it would make a really loud noise, but it never hurt....When you hit us it did hurt!! I think it was the skin on my butty,that didnt go to well with your hand has to be! Anyway, I[m writing because its killing me how I miss you!
I would like to be there right now with you, probably on your lap. Nothing in the world is like, or better than your lap. Listen, this Mothers Day I want you to be the happiest woman in the world and feel real loved by me. I love you and its not for any old reason. I love you because I knnow you always pushed yourself into making me a productive persoon, doing what I love, and happy!!
I think, no, I`m sure, you got me where you wanted!
Congradulations and a Happy Mothers Day!!

A Big Kiss from,