Didn`t mean to say you`re old!

My darling, a thousand apologies!

You didn`t need to get mad at me; I just didn`t express myself properly. When I said you reminded me of my grandma, I didn`t mean to say you`re old, I was just thinking you`re as gentle and sweet as my granny; that`s right, the one you met, good old Violet, who lives down south!
You`re not very patient with me and you can`t read between the lines! I was just trying to be kind and I think it`s really unfair that after all this time you`re still not talking to me.
What`s more, I know you`ve been listening to a song that says “God created the Milky Way and the dinosaurs thinking of you…” The Milky Way is OK; but the dinosaurs, that`s a bit too much, don`t you think? Can you imagine if I said something like that? You`d probably hit me right between the eyes with a frying pan. But, going back to the dinosaurs, you`d be fuming if I was the one singing that, but because it`s someone else, you`re OK with that!
I always have to explain myself over and over again like a circus parrot until you finally get it. The other day, I almost called you dumb, that`s how stubborn and unmovable you are. It`s a good thing I didn`t, isn`t it my rose?

A kiss from

PS- By the way “rose” does mean, “rose”