Miss You

Distance between us is temporary...

My love,

I know you’re far away from me and that this distance between us is not voluntary, so we must be patient...
It’s been very hard for me not knowing exactly how you’ve been doing and how they’ve been treating you in that horrible place you’ve been made to stay for a while, but I want you to know that I am and always will be here, strong in my believe that I will always love you, and hoping that our reunion will happen shortly.
I miss you very much and would love to have you in my arms, in my warm embrace… I would like to give you time to take a deep breath and to find the courage to restart a new life and face the outside world with restored self esteem and dignity. I love you and will never stop loving you.
I miss you! I miss you so much!
Don’t call me a masochist or a sadist, but I can’t resist the temptation of recalling our good moments together, those times when we had each other to the full, those moments there was nothing else in the world besides your body next to mine body , your mouth on my mouth.
I’m sure will have those moments again because I miss you not only with my soul but also with my body. My body is pleading, screaming and begging for you to come back soon, to caress it, kiss it and have it in a way I love and know so well...
My darling, please don’t despair, for soon we’ll be together again.
Be sure that’s what I want the most in the world.

A passionate kiss from yours