Miss You

To the far away boyfriend

My dear,

Why do you have to be some faraway from me on Valentine’s day? It’s so wrong! But I know it’s not your fault and that we’ll soon narrow the distance between us. I want you to know that, as soon as you come back, I’ll be waiting for you with open arms and open heart, because I love you too much!
It’s such a shame you’re so far away on this special day, I really wanted to be close to you, to kiss you and celebrate such a happy date. I miss you very much, but I know this period in time when you’re living in a distant land will bring you a lot of success and happiness.
But the reason I’m writing this letter, on this particular date, is to make you feel cherished and loved. I’m sure that, on my part, I’ll be able to bare the pain of being temporarily apart from each other, because I have trust in you, I trust my love for you, I trust your love for me, I trust our love for each other! I know our love is bigger and stronger than the thousands of miles between us, and I’m sure that when you return we’ll make up for all the lost time.
My darling, on this Valentine’s day, may you renew your strength and faith in life, knowing that I’m always with you, knowing you’re always on my thoughts, and be sure you’ll be able to reach all your goals and become a successful person in every field.
May you be forever happy. And if it’s up to me, I want you to know I’ll always be there for you because I love you!

A tender kiss from yours