Break Up

You’re a big liar!


sometimes, I’m under the impression that not even you believe in the things you say. Well, this is a characteristic that doesn’t match my personality and the way I look upon the world, so, it’s all over between us.
I regret it took me so long to realize how false you were and how deceived your actions were. I regret having wasted so much of my time believing in your crazy stories. I regret having trusted you with my secrets, my house and my intimacies. Really, I feel sorry for you and for me, because being the way you are will get you no where. The worse thing is, you made a habit out of ling, sometimes you make up stories without a reason, just for the quick you get out of it.
So, I hope you’ve learned your lesson; your childish behavior (and I hope that’s all it is), has just ruined the chances of a relationship with someone who actually cared about you, until she found out exactly who she was getting involved with.