Let’s give ourselves another chance

My love

I never thought that one day I would have to write such a letter, begging the one I love – and who loves me too, I know – to give our love another chance, for I could never imagine that something so big, strong and bright could ever need such a thing. But, unfortunately, we have reached a point where our small differences, our different points of view overcame our feelings, turning all the love we feel for each other into dust overnight!
Let’s forget the nasty details, let’s concentrate our strength in the good things, such as this longing to be there for each other, all this affection we have for one another, this willingness to devote our heart, body and soul to each other. My love, I want to be the first one to ask you to measure all the pros and cons of all that we’ve lived together and have been through together. I am sure, in the end, you will reach a positive result; between the two of us, love and good will have always ruled.
I love you and I want everything to go back to normal, I want you close to me and I want to be close to you as much as possible, the way we used to be and the way it makes us happy. Let’s give ourselves another chance, let’s have peace and love among us!