Another happy year accomplished!

My love,

It’s a year today we’ve been together. Looking back to the day I met you, and being as fair and impartial as I can be, I think the least I can do is thank you for all the tenderness and tell you that today I’m much happier than I ever was before you came into my life.
My life is much better thanks to your presence; you bring me such peace and joy. Most of the times I don’t even know if I’m reciprocating all those caresses of yours that touch not only my body but also my soul.
You have filled in a gap I’d never dreamt was empty, which I’d never imagined existed at all. Today, I look back on the past and realize how my life was hollow, how the day to day was monotonous and how I wasted so much time pointless conversations and other activities that added nothing to my existence.
Your love has changed me, has made me look upon the world and future expectations under a new light, a light that favors joint efforts and the desire to conquer, to then to share and enjoy the results of such good harvests.
I know you’ve never doubted my love, although I’m not too effusive in showing it. But today, and taking the opportunity of our (and only ours!) anniversary, I want to tell you once again that I love you and that you’re the one who makes me a happier person day after day.

A tender kiss from