See, I didn’t forget it?

My darling,

Did you think I had forgotten our anniversary? Well, you’re wrong! I know I’m a bit distracted, but I could never forget the most important and happiest day of my life, the day I met you!
So many good things have happened in the meantime, haven’t they? So many pleasant moments, all the tenderness we devoted to each other and such a lot of peace in my heart. Despite some saying that relationships tend to wear off as time goes by, my eyes still shine in a different way every time I see you!
And that’s because you’re a wonderful person, who only makes me feel good and cares for me. That’s why I still burn with desire for you. You’re the one I’d give my life for if needed be, because the world deserves having someone like you around for as long as possible.
As time goes by, I know for sure that the more anniversaries we spend together, the more we’ll love each other. The affection I feel for you are a never-ending flame that will never burn itself out: it burns in my chest with the strength of the sunlight, and reflects in my eyes as if they were being kissed by the moonlight.
I want you to know that I’m very happy because I love you and I knew that when this love was born it would last forever.

Love from