The pure love of friendship

My good and sweet friend,

Sometimes I feel sad because I can’t show in public all the affection I feel for you. In general, people are very prejudiced and they do not accept the possibility of an innocent, pure and true love… and that’s the reason I’m sending you this letter: to tell you that, for me, you are one of the most important person in the world.
It’s you I talk and open my heart to. It’s with you I exchange sorrows, expectations, and hopes for a better life and future. It’s you that I feel totally at ease to ask for advise; sometimes I even interfere in your convictions, trying to put things into a different perspective, the impartial view of who’s not directly involved in the problem. This immense affection I feel for you allows me to forgive your sometimes-wrong decisions (in my view). That’s what also allows me to show my weaknesses and regrets, searching for comfort and encouragement in you generous arms because I know you will be fair and not be harsh or upset. In a nutshell, I believe there’s no bigger love if it cannot be expressed by a friendship based on trust and openness, which allows us to show our weaknesses and wounds. Therefore, and because I can’t find the words to tell you this face to face, I decided to send you this letter. It’s important to me to confess this immense trust I have in you and to tell you how pleased and how safe this trust makes me feel. I think this is love, a friendly love (or even bigger) that, unfortunately, can not be explicit and shown at all times, without risking to become victim of the most old-fashioned ignorance and prejudice there is, that doesn’t accept spiritual love, without malice or desire.

Love from